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The Boogles story

Once upon a time there was a calculator called Boogles. Boogles loved law and order. Ensuring everything added up and that things were done properly. Boogles had been a member of the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) since leaving Calculator School, and was studying the subject of Accountancy. However, something was amiss. All the other calculators were only interested in doing the Accounts. The day-to-day bookkeeping was being overlooked. So this was the field in which Boogles decided to fill.

Doing the bookkeeping involves keeping an eye on all the income and receipts passing through the business on a regular basis. That’s the petty cash, the bills, writing cheques, a bit of credit control, some payroll if applicable, bank reconciliation’s and VAT returns if the client is registered. An attention to detail and a love of methodology – were key attributes to becoming a successful bookkeeper.

However, the unusual secret that Boogles carried, was that unlike most others – Boogles was a HYBRID… meaning at ‘Calculator School’ Accounts wasn’t the only thing studied… Marketing was studied too. Boogles was a member of the AAT but, unbeknown to others was also a member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) too… this made Boogles special. Different. A hybrid.

After working in the field of bookkeeping for a few years, Boogles started to be recognised in their field by their peers. They won awards e.g. “Enterprising Business Awards” and developed their business further. They developed games, books, made videos & songs and now… But they also realised that the missing ingredient and the reason for failure of many other bookkeepers was their lack of skills as marketers… so as Boogles grew, they literally toppled over being a victim of their own success… lots of clients wanting work – reaching across other parts of the UK where they didn’t yet have a presence… So, to provide a solution to the other bookkeepers who aren’t as busy as them, and to enable Boogles to extend into further areas and serve more clients, they would like to introduce you to their Brand Licensing opportunity…

Competent Bookkeepers

All bookkeepers joining our network need to either have a paper qualification in Accounting or Bookkeeping or we'll send them a competency test to sit at home and pass. Some bookkeepers may feel as though they'd like to brush up their skills (particularly on learning new software), so we give access to greatly reduced training (50% off distance-learning courses) and 25% off the classroom based courses which we run. Click to: Improve your bookkeeping skills