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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There are various questions that often crop up, regarding our service. On this page, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions. However, if there is something that we’ve missed, and there is still something that you are unclear about – PLEASE get in touch with us. Just email: join@boogles.info

  1. I would like to keep my skills competent by working as a bookkeeper during weekend. Is that possible with Boogles? You can work whatever hours you like! You are self employed. You are working for yourself. All we would say is that when running a business, the client will ‘normally’ be working ‘normal’ business hours. And if you aren’t available when they’re at work… then they may find someone else! If we send you leads, and clients want their bookkeeping done on a ‘Friday’ (a time when you are not available), then it’ll be up to you to turn down the work. It’s not a sensible way to run a business, so we would advise against trying to squeeze in clients around your full time job.
  2. If I sign up as a licensee, is there any guarantee that I will get a certain number of clients per month to make in excess of the monthly £45 fee? No. There is no guarantee. Business doesn’t work like that. What we can guarantee is that we’ll be working hard to send you client leads.
  3. As I am an affiliate will there be an accountant signing my work off for clients? Not from us. Clients come to us to look for a bookkeeper. We will match them with you. But if they need ‘accounting’ work to be done … then they’ll need to find their own accountant, as that’s not a service which we offer.
  4. I have no accounting qualification. Is there any basic training that can be provided to me? Yes, we have various online accounting courses on various software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Kashflow, Sage plus on how to start a bookkeeping business etc., Network members get a discount on the courses. Non-members pay the full price: https://www.workasabookkeeper.com/resources/courses/
  5. What do you mean when you say you will provide us leads? (Would it be those who approach you for bookkeeping? Or is it a general data base of local business runner whom we suppose to call to find out if they need a bookkeeper?) We send you leads which are those who approach us for bookkeeping.
  6. How do you build up the pool to refer to Licence or Franchise holder? We send client leads to those in our network; and when we get in leads (which we often do) for a bookkeeper in an area that we’re not currently covering – we have to turn it away. It’s a missed opportunity – but what can you do?! We’re often turning work away – especially from solicitor clients.
  7. How do we approach the client leads? Will you introduce us to them or would we have to contact them and give them your reference? We provide the name, phone & email to you – and its up to you to just contact them, understand their needs and see if you can assist them.
  8. Can you give assurance on the quantity of leads? No. If you run your own business and you’ve ever been to a networking event, you could ask the organisor (prior to going) – ‘can you guarantee I’ll meet someone at your event and get lots of work?’ the organiser will say No. You could join a dating site! Same anology. Can the site ‘guarantee’ you’ll meet your soul mate? No, of course they can’t. But can they put prospects in your direction, with the hope and intention that something good will happen? Yes!
  9. Can you give assurance on the quality of leads? No, we can’t. Some clients are delightful. Others are a nightmare. That’s business. Think about when you started your current role (wherever you are working now). Could anyone (yourself included) have ‘guaranteed’ that you’d love that job, and that it woud be amazing? No. That’s life. There are very few ‘guarantees’ in life. Even fewer in business. Business doesn’t work like that.
  10. Should I work for myself? I’m scared / worried about going self employed as a bookkeeper. I have bills and responsibilities. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Can you help me to decide? If you are looking for a SAFE SECURE job. Ongoing work. Regular income. Payment each week/month…. Our advice would be – DO NOT GO SELF EMPLOYED!!! You won’t be able to handle the uncertainty! When you run your own business there are no guarantees. You could make £5 this month, or £50,000 ! It’s completely up to you! How much effort you put into marketing your business and services! Just like placing an advert in the paper. There is no ‘guarantee’ it’ll bring in new business, but thats just a calculated risk that you take as a business owner.
  11. If I take Licence would you make me a website and email account? We’ll market your presence on our website and (upon request) we can allocate you an email address from our website.
  12. What’s the marketing material you will provide if I take Licence? We don’t provide marketing material anymore as of 1st Aug 16.
  13. Will I get the software e.g. Quickbooks or Sage under Licence? No. We only give copies of software to franchisees.
  14. If I want to have training after getting the Licence, would you provide it? And will I get any discount? Yes, we have online training. Yes, you will get a discount. See here for the extensive list of training courses on offer: https://www.workasabookkeeper.com/resources/courses/ Note – we have courses on how to do filing with Companies House, self assessment and corporation tax return filing. Bookkeepers don’t normally do this work, but many have expressed an interest in these topics.
  15. As mentioned on website one has to go through assessment before Licence, what sort of assessments would it be? A simple manual bookkeeping test (level 1). You do it from home, in your own time. It’s not ‘an exam’, and its not timed. We’re not trying to ‘catch you out’ but just to ensure that those in our network are capable. Certificates in bookkeeping / accounting with suffice. The test is more for those with no paper qualifications. All we’re trying to do is ensure that those in the network are competent. If you already have a paper certificate in bookkeeping / accounting, then this is evidence enough for us to show that you’ve studied the subject and have passed.
  16. If I failed the assessments can I apply again for assessment? Yes.
  17. What do you recommend before taking the assessments? If you know your bookkeeping … your debits from your credits, you’ll be fine.
  18. Do you have any demo video on the assessment? The manual bookkeeping assignment has been made into a course here: https://www.udemy.com/manual-bookkeeping/learn/v4/overview
  19. How would does it take place? Would it be an online? The assessment we send out by email. You would just have to complete it at home (pen and pencil) and return it to us by post or scan and email the pages.
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  21. Do you have enough leads for xxx and surrounding area? As per my market research there are dozens and dozens of local accountancy firms. Yes. There are over 60 million people in the UK. Accountants are not bookkeepers. Many businesses don’t even have a bookkeeper, plus new businesses start up every day – this is an opportunity for a bookkeeper. Likewise, many bookkeepers / accountants retire – and their clients still need servicing.
  22. If I would like to change from a Licence into a Franchise, can I do it? Yes, but the franchisee fee would be payable.
  23. What is reselling accounting soft? This is where you sell accounting software e.g. Quickbooks and get paid a commission for each unit sold.
  24. Can I have more than one territory? Yes (if its available). Each territory is £45 per month, so if you wanted two territories, it would be £90 per month.
  25. What if I want to cancel? You can cancel at any time. We are not trying to tie anyone into anywhere, where they don’t want to be.
  26. What evidence do you have that this works? The mere fact we’ve been in business for over a decade is the best testimonial that we can give you that we don’t have any problems getting clients.
  27. What type of insurance / level of cover should I get? Up to you. We just recommend that you get something in place. That might be Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and / or Employer Liability. It depends on your business and your turnover level as to what the threshold should be. Speak to your insurance company.
  28. Do I need to be registered with a MLO or Data Protection? If you offer an accountancy / bookkeeping service, then generally the law does require you to be registered with one of the anti-money laundering agencies… this could be with your professional body eg AAT or with the HMRC. As for Data Protection – see www.gov.uk as to whether you should register with the DP office and pay their annual fee. These things are out of our hands and are between you and the government. Be aware of the latest legislation and just make sure you are fully compliant to avoid fines and the risk of investigation.
  29. I’m still not sure. What should I do? We’re not here to try and twist your arm or hold a gun to your head. If you can’t see the value in this service at this point, then, that’s fine. Our question to you would be… What are you going to do instead? And Good Luck with whatever that is.