How It Works - Work As A BookkeeperWork As A Bookkeeper

So, how does WORK AS A BOOKKEEPER actually work?

4 Steps

  • You fill out the initial enquiry form - click here: Apply Now
  • You complete and return the form to us (by post or email)
  • We add you to the network (exclusive territory)
  • You receive client leads and you get to work!

I'm trying to build up my client base before I take the full time leap into self employment and this is helping me to build momentum in my business.

Ongoing Benefit

  • You pay £45 per month (no VAT payable) to continue to receive client leads
  • Leads are sent to you by email, and its up to you to contact the client and do the work
  • You are self employed and are completely free to do the work, not take on the work, give the work to your staff member etc., It is your business and you are responsible for invoicing the client, collecting payments and paying your own taxes etc.,
  • We give you access to a range of discounted bookkeeping training books and courses that may be of use to you in your business: Courses
  • We've been successfully providing clients with bookkeepers, training bookkeepers, running a bookkeeping service, so we are fairly confident that the courses / training we're giving you access to, will be beneficial
If you still have questions, see the FAQ page where we've answered every single question we've been asked so far... ANSWERS

I'm sure the answer you are looking for will be in there. If its not, then PLEASE EMAIL US And we'll answer you straight away!