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Enquiry management

Bookkeepers and Accountants are generally poor at marketing and responding to enquiries. Once a potential client has chosen you as the bookkeeper they want to work with, it is important to convert them from a 'potential client' into a 'client' as quickly as possible. The website enables them to act immediately upon their desire to sort out their books and make contact with you in real-time. The Contact Us page provides three options to contact you. Firstly they can contact you direct through the 'bookkeeper search facility' by telephone or via the on-line contact form and await a response from you. The key to ensuring that this new enquiry isn't then lost is to have access to email at all times (e,g Blackberry, I-Phone) allowing you to respond in a timely manner. The second option is for them to complete a contact form that comes through to the Head Quarters (HQ) and we will respond on your behalf. The third option is that they contact HQ by telephone (24 hours) and we will manage the enquiry for you, emailing you any relevant information. Our enquiry management process ensures we maintain a high conversion rate.